Mediation and how to prepare for it


Mediation is one of the extrajudicial dispute resolution means. It has nothing to do with meditation, media or medication. It is an informal and private process, which is led by an independent third party - the mediator.

Under Czech legislation, only a person entered in the Ministry of Justice Registry of mediators may provide services of a certified mediator. A mediator is an expert on effective negotiation that uses various communication techniques and strategies to help the mediation participants reach a settlement of their dispute and find a mutually acceptable solution. Mediators usually have legal or psychological education which closely relates to conflict resolution and communication. A mediator is always impartial and bound to maintain confidentiality.

Compared to a judicial or arbitration process, mediation has many advantages:

Commencing mediation does not prejudice the parties' right to seek protection of their rights and interests in a court.

Mediation success rate

The success rate of mediation is about 70% and depends on the willingness of the parties to agree.

Cases suitable for mediation:

How to prepare for mediation

It is important to prepare for the mediation to make is as effective as possible: